tbh i don't hate Healy I just really really pity him I mean everything he's done is so fucking /despicable/ but the idea of this lonely middle aged man he just evokes some really strong pity and sadness from me what do you think am I being too soft?


You know, I think you’re seeing Healy exactly as the writers want you to see him (I definitely did too until I read this). But if you take away his pathetic life and general attitude, what he actually says and does is so horrible there really isn’t anything that excuses it. I think you’re supposed to chuckle when he says women are bad at math and lesbians are dangerous, but never forget everything nice he has ever said or done has been completely self serving.

Never forget he threw Piper in the SHU because she was dancing with Alex, and never forget he was going to let Piper die. He might be pathetic, but he is a man in a position of power over women in an already vulnerable position, and he hates women. But seriously, read the link! It’s a good link :3